September 10, 2020

*****Attention West Harrison Parents*****

When calling or emailing in for your child please leave the following information:

Student Name

Reason for call in, i.e., ill, appointment etc.

If ill please provide the following information:

  1. Do they have a temp
    1. 1A. If yes what is the temperature
  2. Is anyone else in the household feeling sick?
  3. What symptoms do they have (please state all symptoms they are experiencing)
  4. Have they been exposed to some who is COVID (+)
  5. Do they have a doctor’s appointment or are you calling the doctor.

Without this information we cannot assess if your child needs further follow up (COVID Criteria), testing etc.  Additionally, it requires staff to have to call and obtain this information before your child can return to in-school learning. 

If the decision is made to test, or student is COVID (+) we can then provide you with information on how to do Continuous Learning while at home. Should you be unsure if you should send your child please do not hesitate to call the school nurse to discuss.