GRIDSHOCK - Showing via Zoom (link coming soon) on Woodbine Community School District FACEBOOK

When:  December 7th at 6 P.M.
Where:  In the comfort of your own home via Zoom
Why:  Documentary about Iowa Sex Trafficing and bringing awareness to parents, caretakers, community members 
about recognizing potential vulnerabilities in children and loved ones

24 hour HELP HOTLINE:  1-800-612-0266 

Please join Catholic Charites Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program Prevention Specialist Emilee Birchard for a special Zoom featuring the GRIDSHOCK documentary followed by an open floor Q&A on Monday Dec. 7th at 6pm. Zoom link will be provided 10 minutes prior to the showing. If you have any questions or know are in need or know someone in need of services please call us at 800-612-0266 (24/7). We are located in Council Bluffs and primarily serve the 9 Southwest Iowa counties.

The GRIDSHOCK documentary was created to bring awareness and understanding and also empower parents and caretakers to recognize potential vulnerabilities in children and loved ones.

Did you know that Iowa is located in what the filmmakers call the “crosshairs” of the intersection of interstates 80/35, which they say makes it “uniquely suited to transport human cargo quickly and efficiently.”


Most importantly, Gridshock focuses on survivors. The film features real-life former trafficking victims who illuminate the dark networks that drive the trade. It’s a story of trauma and survival. It’s a cautionary tale. It’s a wake-up call.